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Summertime Saga – the game walkthrough takes place in a small town. A young man who has just entered university learns of the mysterious death of his father. His father was indebted to Russian bandits. The game features a variety of characters that you can meet and interact with, as well as unique locations and mini-games. In this article we will give you part of Summertime Saga – one of the best porno games. The full walkthrough is very long, because there are many characters in the game.


  1. Go to the mayor’s mansion during the day. Follow the maid into the courtyard, hearing the fight, and you will meet Consuela.
  2. Go to the main room and hide under the bed.
  3. The next day you will need to return to the mansion and talk to Melonia about Consuela. Go out into the courtyard and meet Ricky.
  4. Go to the Pink store. They will offer you a robot and you have to buy it.
  5. Go two days and pick up the package you ordered in Pink. Then take it to the mansion and let Consuela thank you.
  6. Now you will have to wait until Sunday morning. Find Consuela at the edge of the mall and go to the church after talking to her.
  7. Talk to Father Keeves and make an appointment for Consuela.
  8. Try to find him a job at the school.
  9. Finally go to the hospital. Talk to the administrator and convince her to accept Consuela.
  10. The next step is to have the beach house at your disposal and let yourself go for a whole week.
  11. Enter the bed on the second floor and get some rest.
  12. The next day, Consuela and Martinez will visit you.
  13. Wait the next afternoon to talk to Consuelo again.
  14. A week goes by and find Consuela in the kitchen.
  15. Give yourself a full week again and go to the beach house.
  16. Talk to Consuela and let the scenes begin.


  1. Find 3 pieces of the mysterious statue.
  2. The bottom part is obtained after completing Diane’s barn and finding Richard.
  3. The middle part is obtained by asking Clyde about her dog and buying what she asks for in pink.
  4. You will get the top part after buying the beach house and meeting Consuela.
  5. Go to the barn and examine the statue. After that, ask Diana for milk, pour it on the statue and enjoy the scene.
  6. Three days later, go to the barn and meet Daisy.
  7. Two days later, go to Diane’s garden. After finishing your homework, go to the pizza place and buy a vegetarian pizza for Daisy.
  8. After two days, you can go to the barn again. You should bring some sunflowers and give them to Daisy.
  9. The next day, visit Daisy. To enjoy this scene, you must be careful not to get Daisy pregnant.
  10. The next day visit Daisy again and enjoy the final scene.

There are many different scenes and playable characters in the Summertime Saga game. If you aspire to complete the game in its entirety, you will need to be patient. This process can be animated for a long time. If you want to explore every corner of the game world, you will need to learn the ins and outs of the puzzle and try to go through the whole game. Besides, there are a lot of useful sources on the net that will help you learn more about the game and how you can pass it. Explore these resources and explore all the mysteries of the game.

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